By Rosemary Mbabazi Olema

A father holding his child for immunization.

A father holding his child as a health worker administers immunization.

The 3 day polio campaign of 2016 that kicked off on 22 to 24 of January could be seen as a success right from the onset. This was evidenced by the positive response of the care takers towards the campaign as they brought their children willingly for immunization. It also indicated that they had done their sensitization very well.

Additionally, the health workers were highly cooperative and eager to start their work having arrived early to set off to their various fields as allocated to them. The VHTS were also supportive in the course of the campaign and worked hand in hand with the health workers.

Many of the parishes managed to hit their target number of children by the end of the first day. Those who failed to reach their target by the end of day one were mainly due to limited vaccines. However that problem was resolved during day 2 of the exercise. By the end of the third day, everything was finalized and the missed homes were also revisited to ensure that every child under the age of five years was immunized.

Noxwell Adriko, the village health team member in Ambala village said his only challenge was geographical location of the area that made some of the villages difficult to reach.

Meanwhile, Sr. Bayoru Margret, the District Supervisor for Arivu sub-county conveyed her gratitude to RICE-WN for their reliable support all throughout the polio campaign.

She attributed the success of the campaign to the committed VHT’s and health workers who were cooperative. She appreciated the health assistant of Arivu sub-county, Mr. Angualia Santos for his good coordination during the activity. As a result, the target number of children 5077 allocated for the sub-county was achieved. A total of 5423 children were immunized by the end of the 3 days.

RICE-WN was one of the participant organizations to take part in the campaign to transport extra supplies and supervision during the exercise.


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