Midia Success Story - Pitcha

On 27th November 2015, RICE WN Midia team had a household follow-up to Ifoko Village, Kingaba Parish in Midia sub-county. This village was triggered on 02/09/2015 and the village resolved that every household must contract a latrine and install other facilities such as Tippy Taps and scot hall covers to achieve ODF status as they also agreed that a penalty shall be laid on those who faulted the agreement.

Mr. Pitcha Agustino, the LC I by the time of triggering had no latrine and promised to build one. He had two families where in one family he has constructed a latrine and installed a Tippy Tap and a scot hall cover. He has been promising the other woman that he would construct a latrine, and this took nearly (3) three months. When RICE extension staff went on ground for the house hold follow up on 27/11/2015, they found Mr. Pitcha had not yet constructed a latrine in one of his homes; the team triggered him and he promised to start excavating a pit latrine that same day the team was on ground. After five (5) hours, the team checked on him and found he sunk about three (3) fits (See FIGURE 1). Mr. Pitcha promised to build acceptable latrine to attain ODF status after a week from 27th November 2015 as quoted in his own words below:

“I have two families, in the first home I have constructed an acceptable latrine and achieved ODF status but in my second home I continued promising my wife that I would build for her a latrine. I truly took long to fulfill my promise because of other responsibilities like garden work. As chairman of the village, I always bear the shame of not having a latrine, and now that you people have come the third time, I am going to start today (27/10/2015) and finish everything in one week time.”

RICE extension staff has been monitoring Mr. Pitcha for five days and found that he is a man who fulfills promises; in one week time Mr. Pitcha promised to construct an acceptable latrine, when the staff consistently followed up they found when he had already excavated a pit, raised a wall, gathered roofing materials and on day five he roofed the latrine, rather was only   left with thatching and installing a Tippy Tap, scot hole cover; which he said would be finished after two days.  Pitcha’s children and the wife were very happy for the struggle he was making to put up a latrine after a long period of not having a facility at the premises.

Between April and December 10, 2015, over 150 households in Midia Sub-County had access to latrines for the first time. This was as a result of the implementation of the Sustainable Sanitation and Hygiene for All, a Results-based project implemented by RICE-WN with funding from SNV/DFID.


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