The community in Pabit Parish, Purongo Sub county, Nwoya district are now eating the fruits of their work. In an effort to empower the community and protect the environment, RICE-WN with the District local government of Nwoya district identified Pabit parish as one of the most degraded areas of the district. This led to designing a program to suit the  need for environmental protection. The communities being flexible and willing to participate in their own development were given seeds of Tangerine and Grevilea. They contributed land, labor and tools for a nursery bed while RICE-WN provided the technical backing to see that the nursery bed set is monitored and taken care of.

The Pabit community raised seedlings from November 2013 and they distributed the seedlings recently on the 9th May 2014 in an event witnessed by district officials (LCV, Environment Officer, services, LCIII etc) who congratulated the group and RICE-WN for initiating such participatory program that enables ownership. They said the people are always willing and ready to develop their own  land but such opportunities come once in a while thus need to always initiate people centered interventions for better sustainable development.




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