Our goal in this project is to ensure communities living in the Albertine Graben have adopted sustainable and renewable energy alternatives.

IT Officer RICE-WN (Technician for the clean energy project) takes members of Obawu Farmers’ group through the technical specifications of a one light solar home system

Under this project, using solar energy and improved cookstoves is one of the ways we can save mother nature. There are up to three different solar home systems AND a dual cookstove (use both charcoal and firewood) that you can acquire from this project through the different CSOs.
Let’s light up our communities with clean energy and save the environment.

Mr ETRIMA JACKSON, a cookstove client using his dual cookstove in Kubala with he acquired from NICEN CSO

Mrs Amia tests the charging system of her solar home system that she acquired from CREAM WESTNILE

Our Trained technicians assess how they can mount a system unit of the SP3 solar home system. The system comes with four light but is compatible to upto 6 lights a Fosera branded digital TV

A one light system in one of the project beneficiaries home in Wadelei Sub County, Uganda

Program Officer Sustainable Agriculture for Logiri mounts a solar panel on a clients home in Logiri 

RICE-WN in partnership with WWF is implementing the clean energy project in six districts of West Nile sub region. RICE-WN works in partnership with sixteen Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) spread throughout West Nile.


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