RICE-WN with funding from Fund for Global Human rights is implementing a respect for pupils rights project. The main objective of the project is to improve pupils performance by; reducing teacher absenteeism, teacher and pupil indiscipline, school drop out rates, child abuse and child labor and  Lack of parental support.

This activity was aimed at conducting an accountability by all the stakeholders about what they have done in the two primary schools to improve the pupils academic performance in the two Sub Counties of Vurra and Rigbo.

The stake holders included officials from the district education office, the sub county leaders, parents, teachers and pupils as well. All these have a role in addressing abuse of pupils rights, child labour, teacher absentism, high school dropout rates, teacher and pupils discipline which leads to poor pupils performance.

This activity took place in Eruba primary school on 2nd May 2018 and at Kaligo Primary School on 3rd May 2018.

Each stake holder gave its commitments and representatives signed to show that they are up to perform their roles in ensuring good performance in these forums. The most Common Commitements that they gave were as follows:

The Inspector of schools giving his remarks and commitments during the Forum at Eruba Primary School in Vurra Sub County, Arua

From the district education office;

  1. Follow up on disciplinary cases of teacher
  2. Intensify on school inspections to cub down absent teachers who keep drawing the country’s fund when they are not working towards it.
  3. Provide regular guidance and counselling services to the pupils, teachers and parents in workshops, training’s and seminars.
  4. Increasing the number of teachers, especially female teaches.

From the sub county officials;

  1. To enforce the educational ordinance which includes teachers absenteeism.
  2. Regulate DISCO operations in the sub county since these are sources of indiscipline and late coming for both teachers and pupils.

From the parents;

  1. To provide scholastic materials for their children.
  2. Followup pupils on whether they are going to school and attending lessons because sometimes pupils pretend to school and they actually don’t. Some pupils don’t even take notes in class.

From the pupils;

  1. To avoid late coming and absenteeism
  2. Improve on their discipline and concentrate on studies.
  3. Reading and studying notes promptly to ace exams with good grades.

The pupils of Kaligo Primary School in Rigbo crowned their commitments with a song.

—The Video Quality is not the best but I strongly believe the message makes sense—

From the teachers;

  1. To conduct regular teaching (with the aim of finishing the Syllabus on time), good relationship between teachers, pupils, parents and other stakeholders.
  2. Reduce on teacher absenteeism.
  3. Followup pupils up-to homes to understand the pupils life.

Some Photos during the activity.

The Manager Programs RICE-WN, Yikiru Comfort Mercy interacts with pupils of Eruba Primary School on matters of promoting Pupils rights.


Cluster Chairman for Kwili Village says they have held cluster meeting with pupils and have addressed the issue of late reporting to school. “Night Discos have promoted late coming” He adds.




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