Hi, my name is Isabell. I got the great opportunity to spent the last three month at RICE-WN as an international volunteer and to gain many new and  rewarding personal experiences.

I would like to shortly introduce myself: I am 26 years old and I live in Cologne, Germany. After finishing my school education I decided to start my vocational training as an occupational therapist. I worked in this profession for almost three years. Within this three years I more and more felt the need  to leave my „comfort zone“ and  seek new challenges.

Therefore I left my daily routine behind in Germany and set out to Arua in the beautiful Uganda.

RICE-WN provided me the possibility to look behind the scenes of a local  Non-Governmental Organization  (NGO) , to see the hard work which is done here every day and how much the communities of west- nile- region can benefit.

My work here was designed very diversely because I could become fimiliar with both administrative structures and daily work on different projects and  programmes on field.

From the beginning up to now I was warmly accepted  and welcomed, not only in the RICE-WN family but also in the local communities.

I felt like beeing part of the team and the possibility to ask questions or express requests or own ideas was given to me at any time.

Due to my experiences I got from my working time in Germany I was especially interested in the health-projects RICE-WN is implementing. Because of that I was enabled to gain an insight into these special projects.

I benefited from each single moment, but especially from the field work and the projectes I participated.  This proved me how important and  valueable the work is, which is done by local NGOs in developing countries.

Furthermore it is a great privilege to get to know  about country, people and culture (including the  local food!) in a very special and intensive way out f a different perspective.

I would like to recommend doing volunteering work at RICE-WN to everyone who is able to and interested in agriculture, health care, or any other project RICE-WN is involved in. It will be a very amazing experience from wich both the volunteer and the organization can benefit from.

Big thanks to RICE-WN for enable me to learn and return home with many unforgettable impressions.


Isabell Matzerath


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