Mr Nyati Samuel, a member of Alioderuku is starting to harvest his onions from his garden

SURAD Alioderuku Farmers group of Logiri are bulking their onions awaiting market.
It’s been a long time practising farming methods taught through the “Enabling Rural Innovations” (ERI) approach and now the farmers of Logiri are ripping from what they had sown.
The group members had planted onions in bulk for the first time and now that the onions are ready, the members who got the first harvest are already doing post-harvest handling for their onions for bulking as a group. They market and sell collectively for better prices utilizing the market committee information updates from different markets.
This falls under the “Market Orientation” pillar of the SURAD project.

Ms Gloria spreads already harvested onions at her compound so as the loosen soil at the roots

Mr Adomati Faustino (Right) is joined by RICE-WN staff to spread his onions in front of his house

Apart from their individual produce, the group also hired land so they can farm as a group. They planted onions likewise in that land and its a month to get ready for harvesting.

Mr Nyati Samuel (Right) is joined by the Program Officer Sustainable Agriculture for Logiri, Mr Abiria Sunday in his onion garden.


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