[:en]Farmers from Obawu group in Ajia Subcounty in Arua District are now enjoying the benefits from the Enabling Rural Innovations (ERI) approach from the “Sustainable Rural Agro-Enterprise Development (SURAD)” project.

The overall objective of this project is to contribute to improving livelihoods of farming communities in West Nile sub-region and Nwoya district by engaging in market-oriented agriculture. This is achieved through using the “Enabling Rural Innovations (ERI)”approach.

This approach empowers farmers under three key pillars of:

  1. Market orientation
  2. Food security
  3. Sustainable natural resource management.

Through applying the pillars of the ERI approach, These farmers;
Bulk all their produce awaiting for better prices than selling at farm gate prices, post harvest handling is well practiced, they make manure from various local materials, they have other cash groups that generate them income, they plant trees to save the environment and also as fruits, their marketing committee research about prices first so that they know when, how much and where to sell.
As a result of this project, some members have started realizing one of their long-term goals (Goal: Building a permanent house) in the second year of this project.

A Member shows the sacks of groundnuts that she has stored to wait for better market price so as to fetch more income.

The group secretary(right) shows the Project manager Ms Munduru Liberia(middle) and the group chair person(left) a mango tree he has grafted at his home.

A member points at his former house as he stands next to his new house realized from this project

Manure made out of local materials. 

A member picks a chair from their new house that is still in construction



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