RICE WN in partnership with GIZ Endev has embarked on the implementation of the refugee pilot energy access through revised approach to household stove dissemination.

This is purely commercialized approach centered on establishment of Vendor businesses managed by local energy product dealers selected from various refugee zones/villages and host communities in the settlement areas of Imvepi and Rhino camp.

The view of Imvepi Energy kosk with the sustainable energy products in display

The vendors and kiosks operation teams are private entities that will be directly engaged in the sale of solar and improved cookstoves to end-use customers or for retail. 

The Rhino camp Energy Kiosk with sustainable energy solutions in display

They will also offer a range of other services including:-

  1. After sales and advisory services to clients regarding the efficient use of biomass and other renewable energies.
  2. Minor repairs and checking of the solar products.
  3. Secretarial solutions (Printing, Photocopying, Scanning, Laminating, Binding, etc.
  4. Basic knowledge of Computer (Introduction)
  5. Cold drinks among other services that can be found there


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