Disassociate yourselves from wrong peers – conflict-affected girls advised

Disassociate yourselves from wrong peers – conflict-affected girls advised

By Rosemary Mbabazi Olema

RICE-WN staff together with Sr. Mary Gutru take a group photograph with the GFC beneficiaries

Conflict-affected girls supported by Rural Initiative for Community Empowerment–West Nile (RICE-WN) in partnership with the Global Fund for Children (GFC) have been urged to dissociate themselves from wrong peers in school.

This advice was given by Sr. Mary Gutru, a Nurse/Counselor at Arua Regional Referral Hospital, who was engaged by RICE-WN to provide psycho-social support to the beneficiaries at Cornerstone Secondary School on 5th March 2016.

The girls were advised on how to conduct themselves while at school especially considering they were now all in a mixed school. Sr. Mary urged the girls to avoid black spots and behaviors that could lead to sexual misconduct and also reminded them to know the purpose for which they were in school so as to achieve the objectives for which they are in school.

“Disassociate yourselves from wrong peers and reflect on your backgrounds,” Sr. Mary cautioned. “There are very many girls why do you think you were chosen?” she challenged the girls.

Sr. Mary said that such reflection would enable them to work hard to come out of the problems which made them be identified for sponsorship. Additionally the girls were told to appreciate the support given by using it meaningfully through hard work like group discussions so as to perform better.

“Don’t disappoint the donors, this will enable them to continue giving you the support,” she said.

GFC beneficiaries with their scholastic materials

The girls were given essential materials like sanitary pads, counter books, mathematical sets, and bars of soap to support their retention in school. They were happy for the support given and promised to improve in their performance in school. However, they also requested to be given calculators, logbooks and other books.

Meanwhile Ms. Comfort Yikiru, the Manager Programs at RICE-WN encouraged the girls to progress with their education, saying that the fear of God is the beginning of wisdom. She said they are supposed to be God fearing, and also to love their school as they love themselves that would enable them to appreciate the services offered.

RICE-WN in partnership with the Global Fund for Children (GFC) is currently supporting 14 conflict-affected girls (7 in secondary school and 7 in vocational training) under the project, Transforming Lives of Conflict Affected Girls in West Nile.

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