Be informed that Hackers have developed a new trick of collecting your CRITICAL SECURITY information about your online account (Facebook, Email, Twitter, etc) such as your username and password by sending you links to your account via emails or messages or Chats.

In most cases, such links may come from people you know and have in your contacts (who have been HACKED already) or from people who claim to be Administrators from such Companies (Yahoo, Google, Microsoft, Facebook, Twitter, Outlook, Office) requesting you to update/revalidate your account details or a familiar person claiming to help you win a prize, follow something, etc.

In such cases, DO NOT click on such links, or unnecessary links for that matter and if accidentally you have already clicked on and followed such links in the recent past, please Change your password immediately before they “change it for you” – (you know what that means for you) and it is VERY advisable for you to activate TWO-STEP verification for your account.

Please, if you have problems with setting such STRONG 2-Step verification security feature, contact 0782733357/0716733357/0793338830 or email

In the past one week, many people, including celebrities, companies, organisations, institutions, and other notable individuals have fallen prey to this NEW TRICK.The origin seems to be from NIGERIA where prominent celebrities have had their accounts hacked.

“To Survive in this Internet World, you have to be SMARTER than the HACKERS”.


See High Profile Hacking Stories Below:

Nigerian fraudster gets four-year jail term for hacking American agency’s email



Published June 12, 2015 Premium Times

A Lagos State High Court on Thursday June 11 sentenced one Osarenwinda Idahor (a.k.a Ösas Idahor) to two years imprisonment on each of the two-count charge bordering on “possession of document containing false pretence”.

The convict was arrested by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission sequel to a petition from NASA OIG Computer Crimes Division Goddard Space Flight Centre, United States, alleging that the suspect hacked into the e-mail account of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) to send scam messages for advance fee fraud.

NASA is the United States government agency responsible for the civilian space programme as well aeronautics and aerospace research.
Investigation by the EFCC revealed that the convict disguised himself to be one Mrs Carlow Charles, a cancer patient who wanted to donate the sum of $10,500,000 (Ten Million, Five Hundred Thousand Dollars Only) to the motherless, widows and less privileged.

The convict upon arraignment on May 25, 2015, pleaded guilty to the charge.

Consequently, Justice S.S. Ogunsanya adjourned the case to June 11 for ruling and sentencing.
When the matter was called June 11, Justice Ogunsanya sentenced the convict to two years imprisonment without any option of fine on each of the count charges. The sentences are to run concurrently.


Hackers nabbed data on every federal employee, union claims

Published June 12, 2015



A major cyber attack on U.S. federal personnel data was far graver than the Obama administration has acknowledged, with hackers obtaining information on every federal employee, the president of a government workers union claimed Thursday.

In a letter to the director of the Office of Personnel Management (OPM), J. David Cox, national president of the American Federation of Government Employees (AFGE), said that based on the information provided by the OPM, the hack was much broader than previously thought.

“Based on the sketchy information OPM has provided, we believe that the Central Personnel Data File was the targeted database, and that the hackers are now in possession of all personnel data for every federal employee, every federal retiree, and up to one million former federal employees,” Cox said in the letter dated Thursday.

The OPM, which acts as the human resources department for the federal government and conducts more than 90 percent of federal background checks, said last week that it detected a “cyber-intrusion” into its systems in April, and that the information of 4 million current and former federal employees had been compromised, the largest data breach in federal government history.

Cox went on to say that the hackers have accessed a host of information that includes Social Security numbers, military records, addresses, birth dates, pay histories, health insurance and pension information. The AFGE also believes that Social Security numbers were not encrypted, which Cox calls “a cybersecurity failure that is absolutely indefensible and outrageous.”

When asked for comment on the letter, a White House spokesperson told Fox News: “I’d note for you that OPM in its announcement of this incident noted that they would be reaching out to about four million current and former federal employees whose PII (personally identifiable information) may have been compromised, and that seems to be what the AFGE release is saying too.”

Sen. Harry Reid, D-Nev., said on the Senate floor that the December hack was carried out by “the Chinese” without specifying whether he meant the Chinese government or individuals. Reid is one of eight lawmakers briefed on the most secret intelligence information.
Sen. Susan Collins, R-Maine., a fellow intelligence committee member, has also said the hack came from China, saying the breach was “yet another indication of a foreign power probing successfully and focusing on what appears to be data that would identify people with security clearances.”

U.S. officials have declined to publicly blame China, which has denied involvement.
In the letter, Cox called for all federal employees to be given free credit monitoring for life and liability insurance “that covers the entirety of any loss attributable to the breach” and blasted the current system’s ability to answer affected employees’ questions.
“Federal employees who have been victimized by this breach deserve more than a difficult-to-navigate website and call center contractors who do not know answers to questions that go beyond a FAQ template,” Cox said.

The OPM has sought to downplay the damage, saying what was taken “could include” personnel file information such as Social Security numbers and birth dates.

A well-placed intelligence source told Fox News the breach involved an “advanced persistent threat” designed to harvest information covertly without crippling systems and that the attack bears similarities to those carried out by nation-states, not by criminal syndicates.

The Associated Press and Fox News’ Catherine Herridge, Lesa Jansen and Matt Dean contributed to this report.




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