We conducted a monitoring visit to two of our new SURAD farmer groups of 2018 in Logiri. These farmer groups have just been with us for three months but the work they put into the project is amazing and exciting.

First, we went to MUNGU ECONI Farmers’ group. It was more amazing to see hard work among the group members. They have rented land for the group to plant onions that will generate additional income for the group.
All the members in the groups do kitchen gardening to sustain balanced diet in their homes.
This group is headed by a woman, Mercy Judith.
The part in the SURAD training that interested them more was the river code role play <link> that opened their minds to look at different opportunities to cross the river to their desired destination.
This group thanks RICE-WN for keeping with them always and pushing them this far and we as RICE-WN thank them for the efforts they have put towards this project

The farmer group preparing the large field that the group rented at 40,000 UGX for plating onions, they hope to maximize use of this land to achieve a greater output that will bring them much heavier income.

The group is joined by the Manager Programs RICE-WN Yikiru Comfort to further encourage their hard work.

L-R Manager Programs Yikiru Comfort, Group Chairperson Mrs. Mercy Judith and the group Advisor Mr. Kefa showed us through the onion nursery bed.

Second, we also visited the ALIODERUKU farmer group in Logiri whose dream is to see that all members have to build houses with iron sheets. In so achieving their dream, they too farm very had, they opened a large field for onions as a group to fetch them more income, each of their household MUST purchase at least chicken if not a goat that they can use when sudden calamities fall upon them, their households all have kitchen gardens for a balanced diet.
The SURAD project is of great help that they have other community members from the neighborhood also attending trainings with them.

The RICE-WN monitoring team (back left) takes a group photo with the farmer group in their onion garden that will fetch them some good income

The group secretary Adomati Stephen (extreme right) takes us through his kitchen garden. Joined by Manager programs (second right), Program Officer Sustainable Agriculture Abiria Sunday (third right), Organization Driver Jabir Mohamed (fourth right) and some of the group members to the left.

The group displays to us a chart of their current situation that they would like to better in the coming years.

This project is implemented with funding from, HORIZONT 3000 and Austrian Development Agency.

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