This department was formerly called Health department but later changed to Community Health to cater for the element of Community orientation in RICE-WN.

Its full operation began in October 2010 to date. The department aims at achieving the set goals of RICE-WN from the health point of view, basing on the goal of the department, community health is focused to carry out all possible means to ensure that the general health of people in the grass grassroots communities is improved.



To improve and promote quality health services accessibility to communities for self-reliance in West Nile.



  • To strengthen the relationships with the communities as well as the District Health Offices.
  • To carry out regular meetings with the stakeholders so as to share the experiences that will help the department improve on its services rendered to the communities.
  • To improve on the level of knowledge acquisition by the communities on accessing the health services from the existing government health structures.
  • To create more partnerships among the stakeholders and RICE-WN.


Gesundheit Programme

  1. HIV/AIDS Prävention, Pflege und Capacity Building
  2. Malaria (und andere Krankheiten) Prävention Intervention
  3. Reproductive Health
  4. Environmental Health
  5. Wasser, Sanitär und Hygiene (WASH)

1. HIV/AIDS Prävention, 

HIV/AIDS Prevention, Care and Capacity Building

Major goal:

Die Verbreitung von HIV/AIDS in Uganda zu stoppen


  • Formation of more PHA groups in the Sub counties they do not exist.
  • Fortbildungen zum Thema Einkommen generieren für bereits bestehende Gruppen
  • Community mobilization and sensitization on HIV/AIDS related activities
  • Sensibilisierung und Bildungsarbeit in der ? betreffend HIV/AIDS.
  • Stärkung der Beziehung mit dem Maracha District Health Office um die Nachhaltigkeit des HIV/AIDS Programm im District zu gewährleisten
  • Bilden von Partnerschaften mit anderen Organisationen die in diesem Bereich arbeiten


2. Malaria and other disease prevention intervention

Major goal:

To provide information leading to further reduction of mortality and morbidity among the people of Maracha and Arua district


  • Integration of malaria prevention activities in to other programs of the department.
  • Mobilization and sensitization o related problems and diseases.
  • Proposal writing to raise funds to support the program.
  • Working closely with District Health Office.
  • Anti-malaria drain construction.


3. Reproductive Health

Major goal:

To increase knowledge awareness on sexual reproduction and sexually transmitted diseases among the communities of Maracha and Arua districts


  • Creation of partnership with organizations that work reproductive health related activities.
  • Strengthening partnership with district health services of Maracha district.
  • Carrying out reproductive health talks in communities including schools.
  • Proposal writing to raise funds for the program.


4. Water and Sanitation/Environmental health.

The sub programs of environmental health include;

  • Hygiene.
  • Waste management.

Major goal:

To create awareness on environmental factors that relate to health problems in communities.


  • Carry out research on environmental issues that affect the communities
  • Formation and maintenance of environmental health clubs in schools and communities.
  • Mobilization and sensitization of communities on environmental health related issues.
  • Work closely with district health team of the districts.
  • Proposal writing to raise funds to support the programs in the department


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