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Community Health

Our goal is it to strengten the communities we are working with trough a better health in general. To attain this, we are focused on the aspect of good Hygiene right now. But we are also working on the topics of Malaria, HIV/AIDS and maternal/child health.


Environment and Natural Resources

Sustainability and protection of the environment are key elements to reach our goal of empowered, independent communities. Both factors are part of our work on enabling communities to identify and effectively utilize natural resources in their surrounding.


Sustainable Agriculture

Agriculture is what most people do in Uganda to create an income and gain access to food, our goal is to find ways to make this as sustainable as possible so the communities can benefit more from their work.


Integrated Humanitarian Response

To improve the welfare of the communities, we are working on four different aspects. Education, livelihood, good governance and gender empowerment are all equally important to build a strong community.


Vocational Skills Training

Seeing Education as the key to empowered and independent communities, we are supporting secondary education as well as access to vocational schools for girls in the West Nile Area.


Who we are

Rural Initiative for Community Empowerment (RICE West Nile) is a local NGO, centered in the West Nile region of Uganda, RICE West Nile hopes to have an empowering impact on the communities. We take part in the developing work done here through our work in our four program departments. Seeing ourselves as one big family, in which everyone is valued for themselves, sets the ground for an organization in which everyone is working hand in hand to achieve our goals. This fits together with our values.

Those are to be found under the acronym „STRENGTH“, standing vor simplicity, team Spirit, respect, excellence, novelty, guardianship, time consciousness and honesty. 

Where we come from

The idea for RICE West Nile was born in 2004 after five students started to reflect on the repeating question of „What have you brought for us?“ they would face when they were returning home for holidays. They recognized their obligation to give back and focused on the ideas of empowerment, rural development and community. 

In 2005 RICE West Nile got registered as a local community based organization (CBO), two years later RICE West Nile received funding for the first time, the level of funding increases from there on up to now. Since 2009 RICE West Nile is registered as a Non Governmental Organization (NGO). By today there are about 30 staff members, working from the Arua Headquarters, Moyo, Pakwach and Nwoya Branches, all of them are committed to the projects being implemented.

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