A model community-based services provider for holistic transformation.


To advance and promote healthy community development in the rural areas of Ugandas West Nile region.


The values of RICE-West Nile can be summarized in the acronym ‘STRENGTH‘ standing for:



This value highlights the fact that RICE-West Nile manages every thing in easy and understandable ways. The leaders give clear instructions and provide clear solutions. It also highlights the clear and easy lifestyle of the members. RICE-West Nile Team spirit:


Team Spirit

This highlights cooperation and one journey towards the goals. We in RICE-West Nile believe that Together Everyone Achieves More. Coordination, open communication and amicable problem solving are observed at all times.



All persons of various capacities are valued in RICE-West Nile. Since each person has a contribution to make, there is no one whom RICE WN considers of no value. That includes that each persons view is respected. Consultation is a prime principle in RICE-West Nile. RICE-West Nile also respects people’s private life and relationships outside work and can also assist a person in need of support.



This is the value of embracing high class, high quality and high standard of living. RICE-West Nile staff will strive to be smart at all times, accurate in whatever they do and thorough in all affairs. The total objective behind this value is to maximize effective performance and minimize errors. RICE-West Nile will pass this value to the communities they deal and work with.



This value highlights the Endeavor of RICE-West Nile to embrace new and good changes that come or are brought to the organization. This novelty does not mean accepting any new occurrence but rather coping with the dynamics of the changing world. This guards against the risk of becoming obsolete or archaic and achieves the dream of remaining contemporary.



This value takes care of showing concern for each other and for the people and resources under our care. The staff will do their best to treat everyone with compassion and do the duties for the people under our care. The aspect of guarding against evil both for the organization and for the individual members is also involved here. We have to take care of the organization and give care to those entrusted to us.


Time consciousness

This involves planning ahead of time, being time conscious about programs and deadlines. RICE-West Nile strives to do everything in time in order to avoid unnecessary pressure. RICE WN also works by schedules not by ambush, except for unforeseen emergency cases.



We cherish truth and sincerity in all we do. This is done through communication of all state of affairs through reports, transparency and accountability. RICE-West Nile emphasizes originality and creativity and thus no illegality, fraud, is entertained.





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