Story behind the Organizations History

RICE West Nile was formed because a group of students started reflecting on the question that communities used to ask them whenever they came for holidays and the question was “what have you brought for us?” The five students recognized their obligation to give back to the communities what they have learnt giving rise to ideas of empowerment, rural development and community focus.

This started in 2004, already one year later in 2005 RICE West Nile already got registered as a local community based organization (CBO) with Arua District Local Government.

RICE West Nile started getting funds in 2007 and the level of funding has been increasing since then to date. In 2009 RICE West Nile finally was registered with Registrar of Companies of the Republic of Uganda as a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) in 2009.

The number of staff has now reached about 30. They are all committed group of people running the projects being implemented.

The needs in the communities are still great but the resources are limited. That is why members still have much work to do as far as contributions and resource mobilization is concerned.


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