Background Of RICE - WN

Formed in 2004 and registered since 2005, Rural Initiative for Community Empowerment – West Nile (RICE-West Nile) is a Ugandan Community Based, local NGO.

West Nile, Acholi and Bunyoro (Uganda), parts of Eastern DRC.

We are working in West Nile, Acholi and Bunyoro Sub-Regions of Uganda as well as in parts of Eastern Democratic Republic of Congo.

The Headquarter is in Arua Town in the West Nile Sub-Region of Uganda. From here RICE-West Nile continues to make a profound and progressive contribution towards the development of rural and Peri-urban communities in Uganda in the areas of Community HealthEnvironment and Natural ResourcesSustainable AgricultureDevelopment Research and Governance, Human Rights and Peace.

We work with a number of partners in the execution of our mission. These include the local governments of Maracha, Arua, Moyo, Nebbi, Nwoya, Buliisa, among other districts, local CBOs and other national and international organizations.

Over the years, we have enjoyed the trust of partners and thus, the increase in the number of the partners. Additionally, the number of communities served and scope of activities have increased tremendously.


We work on projects in the following areas

Community Health

Goal – To improve and promote quality health services accessibility to communities for self-reliance in West Nile.

Environment and Natural Resources

Goal – To promote efficient management of natural resources and environment to achieve sustainable development

Sustainable Agriculture

Goal – To Improve agriculture for food and income security

Who We Are

Centered in west Nile sub region of Uganda, RICE-West Nile is a local NGO. RICE-West Nile is well known as an empowerment organization, which takes part in peace building, improvement of health as well as capacity building.

Most noteworthy, RICE-West Nile stands out of all other organizations for the unique way of solving problems and working. Especially the family spirit and the transparency are high cherished treats. But accountability, capacity building and open opportunities for all are very important to RICE-West Nile as well.

Our Vision

A model community-based services provider for holistic transformation.

Our Mission

To advance and promote healthy community development in the rural areas of Ugandas West Nile region.

Our History

RICE West Nile was formed because a group of students started reflecting on the question that communities used to ask them whenever they came for holidays and the question was “what have you brought for us?”

The five students recognized their obligation to give back to the communities what they have learnt giving rise to ideas of empowerment, rural development and community focus.

This started in 2004, already one year later in 2005 RICE West Nile already got registered as a local community based organization (CBO) with Arua District Local Government.

RICE West Nile started getting funds in 2007 and the level of funding has been increasing since then to date. In 2009 RICE West Nile finally was registered with Registrar of Companies of the Republic of Uganda as a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) in 2009.

The number of staff has now reached about 30. They are all committed group of people running the projects being implemented.

The needs in the communities are still great but the resources are limited. That is why members still have much work to do as far as contributions and resource mobilization is concerned.


The values of RICE-West Nile can be summarized in the acronym ‘STRENGTH‘ standing for:

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This value highlights the fact that RICE-West Nile manages every thing in easy and understandable ways. The leaders give clear instructions and provide clear solutions. It also highlights the clear and easy lifestyle of the members.



This highlights cooperation and one journey towards the goals. We in RICE-West Nile believe that Together Everyone Achieves More. Coordination, open communication and amicable problem solving are observed at all times.



All persons are valued in RICE-West Nile. Each has a valuable contribution to make. Every view is respected. RICE-WN also respects people’s private life outside work and can help one in need of support.



Embracing high class, quality and standard of living. RICE-West Nile staff are smart at all times, accurate and thorough. The total objective – to maximize performance and minimize errors. RICE-WN passes this value to people they interact with



Embracing new good changes to the organization. Coping with the dynamics of the changing world. This guards against the risk of becoming obsolete or archaic and achieves the dream of remaining contemporary.



Concern for each other, our people and resources. We treat all with compassion and work for our dependants. Keeping good for the organization and people, atking care of those entrusted to us.



Planning ahead, observing programs and deadlines. RICE-West Nile work to do everything in time to mainain ease. We work by schedules.



We cherish truth and sincerity. We communicate all state of affairs through reports, transparency and accountability. RICE-West Nile emphasizes originality and creativity thus only legality is entertained.

Meet Our Partners

Below are some of the funding partners we have worked with on different projects in the recent years and to date:

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Latest News

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We work to develop communities


Transformation Stories

On 27th November 2015, RICE WN Midia team had a household follow-up to Ifoko Village, Kingaba Parish in Midia sub-county. This village was triggered on 02/09/2015 and the village resolved that every household must contract a latrine and install other facilities such as Tippy Taps and scot hall covers to achieve ODF status as they also agreed that a penalty shall be laid on those who faulted the agreement.

Tale of Midia Household to attain ODF status in 5 days

Mr. Ongom was impressed about the play on domestic violence. He commented: “The drama plays are very important especially having family meetings .This brings about love, unity in the families.

Puppet theater drama changes attitude

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